Boost your profit

Price optimisation for industrial companies

Our solution

Artificial intelligence solution that calculates the right price for your sales deals, boosts your margins and profitability.

Understand demand through data analysis

Our A.I. learns customers’ Willingness To Pay from your sales data

Optimise your prices for each quotation

Our A.I. uses the WTP to set the best price possible for each deal

Maximize your global profitability

Our A.I. adopts the right strategy (volume or margin maximization)

Our clients

Industrial companies that want to improve their pricing strategy

PRIZ works by :

+ taking into account the demand and the value
+ calculating cost variations
+ and managing production capacity

adopt a new pricing approach
and reach higher profitability

Business benefits


No more un-actualized margin or values


Prices always fit customer’s willingness to pay


Improve availability and optimise factories load

About us

We’re a team of experienced artificial intelligence experts who have been working together for more than 10 years. We met years ago in Toulouse, south of France, and have worked together on a variety of various products and industry solutions. We’ve founded Brennus Analytics to provide industry with a price optimisation solution that we have named Priz.

Grégoire Saint-Guily

Chief Executive Officer

Sylvain Rougemaille

Marketing and Sales Manager

Florent Dotto

Chief Technical Officer

Sylvain x 3
and Thomas

3 Phds in Artificial Intelligence

2 experienced software engineers

Big Data experts

Agile methodology addicts



Brennus Analytics SAS
9 Rue Dareau
75014 Paris
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